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Specializing in the production of supermarket shopping cart, logistics trolley, such as storage equipment
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Keywords: logistics car series, trolley series, warehouse cage series, display frame series, shopping basket series
There are a variety of styles
Continuous research and development of new products rich customer design approach
Supermarket retail
Storage and handling
Production of a variety of styles of shopping carts, shopping baskets, suitable for different populations, people in different regions to use, easy to use, flexible, easy to store
In order to facilitate the storage and handling of goods, different types of storage and handling tools are designed, which greatly saves people's time and energy
About Shunhong Metal
Adhering to the concept of honesty and trustworthiness cast shun Hong brand credibility
Suzhou Shunhong Metallic Products CO., Ltd

   Suzhou Shunhong Metallic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, specializing in the production of trolleys, storage cages, logistics vehicles, freight cars, slotted cages, display racks, supermarket accessories, supermarket shelves and other supporting equipment for supermarkets. The company has advanced production equipment, many professional and technical personnel. Our company's products are mainly sold abroad, special products are sold to Britain, France, Canada, South Korea, the United States, Ireland, Norway, South Africa and other countries. Our company is willing to sincere attitude, perfect service, and respected customers to establish a good partnership, market expansion, to meet the brilliant tomorrow.

Suzhou Shunhong Metal co., LTD., a supplier of shelf equipment for supermarkets and supermarkets around you
High product quality, good stability, long use time
Technical support
Plan customization according to placement and stress Can be designed according to customer requirements for free
Design scheme
Equipped with advanced production equipment and professional technical personnel
The installation process
The advanced technology can be processed according to the special needs of customers
Delivery cycle
Maintenance services
Adequate inventory, fast delivery (except customized shelves)
Have perfect after - sales system, professional after - sales team, maintenance shelves
The reason why shunhong customers choose us
Years of industry experience, strong production strength
Specializing in the production of trolley, storage cage, logistics vehicles, trucks, oblique mouth cage, display shelf, supermarket accessories, supermarket shelves and other equipment supermarket;
Big advantage, let the customer understand shun Hong more
Equipment precision excellent, with a number of high precision density automatic production lines, choose us, we will do more intimate for you;
Large standardized workshop, a variety of automatic production equipment and professional technical team
Excellent material selection and manufacturing process - quality assurance

The raw materials are selected from large steel bases with strong hardness, high wear resistance and long service life

The surface USES the environmental protection plastic powder, not easy to discolor, the welding is smooth
Static spraying, harmless, green and environmental protection, give you a healthy environment
Tailor-made supermarket equipment solutions for you
Reasonable planning of space, so that goods placed more orderly, improve the utilization of space, more enhance storage capacity
Perfect after-sale service system, allows you to after all

7X24 hours of standby, coordination and cooperation between various departments, problems solved on the same day, protect the interests of customers, let you harvest is a worry, rest assured service.

Understand the needs, tailored, for you to save time, logistics warehousing, drawings, for you to save worry
Professional after-sales service team, considerate service, regular follow-up visit to show the status, to solve your problems;
Hand in hand with Shun Hong metal, we all the way together
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Suzhou Shunhong Metallic Products CO., Ltd

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